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OLC Class Actions

Outside Legal Counsel PLC serves as lead or co-counsel to various pending or putative class actions around Michigan.

Class Action Litigation

A class action lawsuit consolidates similar or identical claims of many people into a single lawsuit against one or several defendants. Class actions are cost effective ways of resolving many legal disputes that have a lot in common.

How Do Class Actions Work?

Class action lawsuits are legal actions brought by a group of people, known as the "class," who have suffered similar harm or injuries as a result of the actions of a defendant. Instead of each individual bringing their own lawsuit, a class action allows all affected individuals to join together and pursue their claims as a single group. This can be a more efficient and cost-effective way to seek justice, particularly in cases where the damages suffered by each individual are relatively small or legally cutting-edge.

To bring a class action lawsuit, the class must first be certified by a court. This requires the plaintiffs to demonstrate that they meet certain requirements, such as having suffered similar injuries or harm, and that the class is large enough to justify pursuing the case as a group.

If the class is certified, the lawsuit can proceed. The defendant will typically be notified of the lawsuit and given an opportunity to respond. The court will then oversee the proceedings, including discovery, motions, and ultimately a trial or settlement.

If the class is successful, the damages awarded will be divided among the class members based on their individual losses. In some cases, class members may need to submit a claim in order to receive their share of the damages.

Class action lawsuits can be an important tool for holding corporations and other powerful entities accountable for their actions. They provide a way for individuals to band together and seek justice, even when the harm suffered may be relatively small on an individual basis. By pursuing these cases as a group, class members can also benefit from the expertise and resources of experienced attorneys, further increasing their chances of success.