Michigan Illegal Tree Cutting

Cutting Down Neighbor's Trees in Michigan

Trees are an important and enjoyable part of land ownership. Michigan law protects and provides legal remedies for land owners who suffered from the illegal harvesting or cutting of their trees. Taking trees belonging to another has serious legal ramifications largely depending on the circumstances. Various Michigan statutes and common law claims can provide for reimbursement from the loss of improperly taken trees.

A few legal points to consider:
  • A tree whose the trunk is on the boundary line is the common property of both adjourning property owners, and neither owner has the right to cut, injure, or destroy it without consent of the other.
  • Any person who cuts down or carries off any wood, underwood, trees, or timber or despoils or injures any trees on another's land without the permission is liable for three times the amount of actual damages.
  • A person who removes or cuts of trees without a required bill of sale is also liable for three times the fair market value of the damage caused by the unlawful act or $100.00, whichever is greater, together with court costs and attorney fees.
  • When a tree's branches extend over a boundary line, the adjoining landowner may trim branches to prevent their trespass onto or above the landowner's property.
Trees take years to reach shady height. Yet, an imprudent neighbor can destroy nature's benefits. Outside Legal Counsel can assist homeowners, property owners, developers, and businesses deal with the issues of destroyed or damaged trees and bring the right legal arguments to the court many hometown attorneys simply miss.

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